BERTMHC is developed at NEC Lab Europe . It is a transformer model build to predict the binding and presentation of peptides by MHC class II molecules.

The server is only allowed for non-commercial research. Please read and agree the TERMS OF SERVICE bellow before using the server.

You can submit maximum 10k peptides per query. We will normalize the allele names. However, the system will return an error if unrecognized alleles are presented. Please be patient while the prediction is running. Do not repetitively submit jobs.

The "Submit" button will be deactivated once clicked. You can submit another job when the current job is finished. Only refresh the page after downloading your results. The "Submit" button will reactivate when the page reloaded. Please submit ONE job at a time! Submit new jobs when the current one is finished.

If you use this tool in research, please cite:

Jun Cheng, Kaïdre Bendjama, Karola Rittner, Brandon Malone
BERTMHC: Improved MHC-peptide class II interaction prediction with transformer and multiple instance learning BioRxiv (2020)

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